Car trine ~

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    They are like three cute little kittens♥♡
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Independent RP for
(Vocoder restored)
TF:P Bumblebee

follows tag: stingmachine

NSFW friendly (use READ MOREs)

RPs via IM~

AIM: Ask me

Skype: Ask me


⇛ ls -lrt

⇛ find -name '*.[past]'
⇛ find -name '*.[rules]'

Machine / Car Trine mates:

[^ art by leafpuppy]


...(My name is Bumblebee: lightning fast scout to the Autobots. I might be small, but I can kick mad aft when duty calls. "Don't worry about the size of the blaster - worry about the sting!" is my motto! I can only express words through beeps, tones and gestures; my voice box has been destroyed in battle.

Sometimes I feel my fellow 'Bots see me as nothing more than a protoform. That grinds my gears ...

I love my humans and my humans seem to love me. They like to follow me home sometimes, but then Ratchet yells at me 'cause he's a NAG-atron. THEY'RE SO CUTE AND ARE GREAT PETS - HE DOESN'T UNDERSTAND! ǪuǪ ♡

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