Smokescreen x Bumblebee

Prince and Knight AU RP by stingmachine and smokey-machineChapter 1Chapter 2Chapter 3Chapter 4 in progress…
Smokescreen x Bumblebee

Prince and Knight AU RP
by stingmachine and smokey-machine

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4 in progress…

Anonymous said: Are you on fire?

Hmm, last time I checked?
Yeah…no - I am not currently engulfed in flames.

If you’re looking for a Smokin’ hot bot, he’s here, here and here.
And if you’re looking for a Red hot bot, he’s here, here and here.

Anonymous said: Ello bee how are you? i hope you having a great day ... well for me not soo good at the moment to i put this humm I'm having some high grade ( beer actually) don't worry am in the confront of my home and not going anyway. i just wanted to say hi

Hi Drinking-buddy-Anon - I’m doing pretty good. Knock Out finally came home after some crazy mission with Starscream on Earth, so Smokescreen and I are happy he’s back.

There’s nothing wrong with having a drink now and then to relax and get your mind off things. Moderation is key. I do this myself sometimes, when playing video games just aren’t enough to wind me down.

I hope you feel better soon, Anon, and thanks for checking in!

Hello, Officer


He smiled. “There couldn’t be a prouder decepticon right now. Im glad your making progress on your mission to rebuild cybertron. It’ll be beneficial to both factions I guarantee.”

Barricade moved his servos around the autobots waist. “I have been doing very well actually! Thanks for asking. Since the disappearance of Megatron, there had been less and less crime around. Makes my job a whole lot easier.”

"Heh, and here I was thinking you enjoyed busting helms!"
Bumblebee pushed his frame against the other’s playfully, but then cocked his helm curiously as Barricade continued to speak.

"You still consider yourself a Deception even though Megatron is gone? I mean, what’s the point in having 2 separate factions if we’re both working to rebuild Cybertron, or …do the Decepticons have a new leader that plans to rule?"



Smokescreen gasped, both with Bee smacking his rear and realizing how the little knot worked.

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"I wonder how I can play with you tonight…"

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Hello, Officer

arkryxen reblogged your post:
"Whoa there buddy! It’s nice to see you as well!" Barricade smiles and hugs the bot back. "How have ya been Bee?"
image “Well, you know…rebuilding Cybertron, hopping through multiple universes, meeting infinite numbers of the same bot over-and-over.” His engine purrs in the other’s embrace.
"How about you?" 

arkryxen said: "Greetings bumblebee."

"Barri-kins! I’ve missed you!"

Bumblebee runs to the enforcer and gives him the best Bro hug ever.

jessicabiotech said: "Baby is used as a nickname often used by parents, lovers, or pet owners."

"Right, I figured it out. I still don’t understand that song. It’s really sad."

"Sometimes I call Smokescreen as Smoke-babe or Babu-smokes, but not in public hehe"

jessicabiotech said: "You don't get what they mean by baby do you?"

"Well, when you say it that way…that makes it just as bad, or worse than a youngling with a gun? Why would someone’s lover shoot them? …Unless this is a new kink I’m not aware of.

"There’s another ‘B' word I'd use, and it's not 'baby', that’s for sure!”

Well… okay. I want to say I’m sorry but I’m still angry. Maybe it wasn’t the wisest idea to hit you for that gif…. but I really didn’t like it.
I get why you didn’t like it, but you started this whole thing by saying “it would be funny” if I fell, which would have caused injury, so I replied with an eradicon getting injured.
Instead of hitting me, replying with a snappy come back or a decepticon gif might have been more prudent.
Also, sorry you’re still angry and a giant sparkling.
Would some Energon Krispie treats help you feel better?

alpha113n-redshirt-eradicon said: Beeeeee!!!

Yes, A113n? 
You back for some more aft-kicking, or are you going to be civil today?

rr3b3ll submitted:

Casually but nervously gives Bumblebee an adorable cat gif.

Bee isn’t sure why you’re nervous. He gladly accepts the adorable cat gif, and gives you a cute gif in return:

Casually but nervously gives Bumblebee an adorable cat gif.

Bee isn’t sure why you’re nervous. He gladly accepts the adorable cat gif, and gives you a cute gif in return:



stingmachine replied to your post with a photo: Alert: If the tiny Megatrons eat my sp…



you can step on one

just one

/Offers a tiny, tiny sparkeater that looks like the Megatron from their universe./

Yes, this is incredibly satisfying~
Thanks, Smokes!


I…but I’m not giving away my stingmachine?
And who/what is ARS?

Anonymous said: M!A: Any one or thing that eats your spark or tastes your energon will turn into a tiny, sparkling sized Megatron for the duration of your Sparkeater M!A.




/In about ten minutes, he’s going to have 10 sparkling sized Megatrons now in the room./


This sounds like fun~
Ultimate target practice!

/Comes to help Smokescreen blast away all the tiny Megabutts/

Independent RP for
(Vocoder restored)
TF:P Bumblebee

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...(My name is Bumblebee: lightning fast scout to the Autobots. I might be small, but I can kick mad aft when duty calls. "Don't worry about the size of the blaster - worry about the sting!" is my motto! I can only express words through beeps, tones and gestures; my voice box has been destroyed in battle.

Sometimes I feel my fellow 'Bots see me as nothing more than a protoform. That grinds my gears ...

I love my humans and my humans seem to love me. They like to follow me home sometimes, but then Ratchet yells at me 'cause he's a NAG-atron. THEY'RE SO CUTE AND ARE GREAT PETS - HE DOESN'T UNDERSTAND! ǪuǪ ♡

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