ask-smokescreen replied to your post: “[[ You should make a bumblebutt daki also *runs AwaY*”:
I’d buy one! Those things are cool. We could have the pillow of me and the pillow of you and a knock out pillow all huddled together.

Why don’t we just have all 3 of us cuddle for real instead? Or all of us could cuddle on the 3 dakimakura. So many possibilities.


Soundwave leans down to inspect the treats a little closer, wanting to make sure there isn’t some kind of detonator hidden inside.

He doesn’t see any signs of tampering, though, so he plucks the box and utensil from Bumblebee’s servos and puts them both in subspace for later scanning before cautiously replaying some of the other mech’s words as a question.

▓▒░Business at hand?░▒▓

"Yes, as you recall, and I know you keep every scrap of data ever transmitted, I want to know about Optimus, and I’m also interested in purchasing plans for a Bridge. I know Smokescreen keeps warning me that I “don’t want to owe you” for anything, but this is worth it to me. So let me know your terms for these transactions, if you don’t mind…”

Bumblebee folded his arms, firm in his decision, unlike the last time before leaping through the portal. He now had not one, but two Smokescreens with bridge access. Now all he needed was the intel on Optimus and Bridge plans to fulfill his mission.

"I apologize again for not thinking through my previous actions before. I hope you’ll allow me this one mistake."

Anonymous said: [[ You should make a bumblebutt daki also *runs AwaY*


Only 2 fans might buy one. One of those may or may not be me.

…Maybe if skymachine agrees to colour it, and we could totally split the profits.

Anonymous said: If a fork were made of gold would it still be considered silverware?

You could call it flatware or a utensil too.
Same as if it were made out of plastic, I guess.

Anonymous said: was wondering, is it true that you caught arcee fraging jack with her holoform copy of herself? Of so, did you happen to take pictures?


Heh, I’ll never tell!
That, and I’m pretty sure Arcee would offline me if she had any idea I knew about it.

buttb00b-mcgee said: I was go to send you an ask saying "what's up bruh" then I remembered who my icon is and laughed for about 10 minutes.

I like it! I think Ratchet looks pretty good with some bling.

musefx said: While I've got the decepticon logo tattoo'd on me, I have to admit, you are my favorite autobot ever. <3

Thanks, but really?
What is it about me that makes me your “ favorite autobot”? 

I question your choice knowing you got a Decepticon insignia inked on your flesh.



I went to the state fair this weekend and had a cream puff ^^

I wanted to share the wonder of the almighty cream puff with everyone, and so I bestow onto you the majestic energon cream puff!! :3

go forth and bask in the puffiness hehe ^^

That’s the most puffy thing I’ve ever seen!
I shall receive the Energon cream puff with the highest honours.
Thanks so much, little purple kitty. I’ll be sure to enjoy it!

remedystune said: Hi bee; give me your most inspirational qoute <3 ;)

I assume you mean an Earth quote. I have many, but let me share this one with you:

You were born to win, but to be a winner, 
you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win.

- Zig Ziglar

karikit said: May I have a hug? I had a rough day and need help cheering up. :c if not that's fine, I'm used to it. I understand. Have an amazing day...

If you want a hug, you’ve come to the right place, little one!

Honestly, my day was less-than-fantastic too, so I know where you’re coming from. I hope you feel better soon.

jessicabiotech said: "Either a hug or a back pat."

"Are those the only things you got? Any gifts or cake? I would have demanded cake."

brokencydeven said: You so cute

Well, thank you, but I think you’re cuter, tiny human female!

jessicabiotech said: "No on those as well."

"Well, then what did you get?”

thatsmetal55 said: BUMBLEBUTT I am on a mission of utmost importance. I'm supposed to hug the first ten people on my dash, and you're lucky 7. :3

Yay, Knicker hugs!

Bumble-hugs always open for service!

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(Vocoder restored)
TF:P Bumblebee

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RPs via IM~

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⇛ ls -lrt

⇛ find -name '*.[past]'
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Machine / Car Trine mates:

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...(My name is Bumblebee: lightning fast scout to the Autobots. I might be small, but I can kick mad aft when duty calls. "Don't worry about the size of the blaster - worry about the sting!" is my motto! I can only express words through beeps, tones and gestures; my voice box has been destroyed in battle.

Sometimes I feel my fellow 'Bots see me as nothing more than a protoform. That grinds my gears ...

I love my humans and my humans seem to love me. They like to follow me home sometimes, but then Ratchet yells at me 'cause he's a NAG-atron. THEY'RE SO CUTE AND ARE GREAT PETS - HE DOESN'T UNDERSTAND! ǪuǪ ♡

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